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Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich

Birth-date: October, 7 1952 . Birth-place: Leningrad .


In 1975 graduated from law school of Leningrad state university.

Place of work, post:

The Russian temporary President .



1975: after the completion of Leningrad state university on distribution was directed on work in state safety organs.
1990: served in the First head quarters (external exploring) KGB USSR, for a long time worked in Germany. Worked an assistant director LGU on international questions.
1990: become an adviser of chairman of Lensoviet Anatoli Sobchak.
On June, 12 1991
: a chairman of Committee on external relationships of city administration Sankt - Peterburg.
1994 - 1996: the First vice-chairman of government Sankt - Peterburg, Chairman of Committee on external relationships.
1995: led a regional branch NDR.
1996 - 1997: deputy controlling deals to administrations a president Russia.
1997: from the march - a deputy of leader to Administrations a president Russia - a chief of Checking governing a president administration Russia. 19 February be included in the Joint committee of Security council Russia on economic safety.
1998. With 25 Mays on the July : a first deputy of leader to administrations a president Russia. With July, 25 - a director of Federal safety service to Russia Federations. With 2 - a constant Safety councilman Russia.
1999. With 29 march - a secretary of Security Council Russia. August, 9 by the Edict a President Russia nominated by the first vice-chairman of government Russia and temporary chairman of government Russia. August, 16 a President Russia its Edict has fixed
Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich chairman of government Russia in accordance with the point "a" article 83 Constitutions Russia.

December, 1999: Russia temporary President.


Speaks German.


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