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Lebed Alexander Ivanovich


April 20, 1950
Birth-place: Town of Novocherkassk, Rostov region


On July 29, 1973 graduated from the Ryazan high airborne commander's college named after Leninsky Komsomol.
In 1985 graduated from the military academy named after M. Frunze.

Place of work, post:

The Deputy of 7th State Duma. Gubernator Krasnodar Edge.


In 1973 Alexander Lebed graduated from the Ryazan high airborne commander's college named after Leninsky Komsomol.
Then he served as a training platoon commander in the college .
In 1981-1982 Lebed was a batallion commander in Afghanistan.
In 1985 on graduating from the military academy named after M.Frunze he was appointed a deputy commander of paratroopers regiment in Ryazan.
Further Alexander Lebed occupied different posts in Kostroma and Pskov.
Since March 1988 - commander of Tula paratroopers division.
Alexander Lebed took part in the operations in "hot spots" on USSR territory - in conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijani in Baku (end of 1988 - beginning of 1989), in clashes in Tbilisi (April 1989), unrest in Baku and other Azerbaijan towns (beginnin g 1990)
In 1990 Alexander Lebed was a delegate of 28th CPSU Congress and Inaugural Congress of the Communist Party of Russia. He was elected a member of the Communist Party of Russia's Central Committee.
In February 1991 he was appointed deputy commander of paratroops forces in charge of military training and institutions of higher education
In August 1991 during failed coup attempt took part in organizing security of the Russian Federation Supreme Soviet building ("White House") in Moscow.
On June 23, 1992 arrived to Tiraspol to end armed unrest in the region. In a short time was appointed commander of the 14th Guardian Army located in the Dniestr region.
In June 1995 he was retired at the President's order. .
On December 17,1995 was elected a deputy of the State Duma from Tula electoral district #176.
In the beginning of January 1996 the initiative group nominated Alexander Lebed as a Presidential candidate.
On April 19,1996 the former 14th army commander was registered as a Presidential candidate by the Central Electoral Commission.
Lebed's supporting group collected 1,919,913 signatures in 72 regions of Russia and two foreign countries, Moldova and Estonia.
Only 1,896,445 signatures were registered by the Central Electoral Commission.
On April 24,1996 Alexander Lebed got the candidate's certificate. On June 16, 1996 Russia's Presidential elections took place. According to the preliminary returns received by 12.00 on June 18,1996 Alexander Lebed got 14,7% of votes. Since Lebed took the third place, he left the race.
On June 18,1996 Alexander Lebed was appointed Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council and Aide of President of the Russian Federation in charge of national security.


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