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Fyodorov Svyatoslav Nickolaevich

Birth-date: August,8 1927. Birth-place: Khmelnitsky, Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine.


Graduated from the Rostov-on-Don Medical College in 1952.

Place of work, position

S.F. is the 7-th Russian State Duma's Deputy and a member of the State Duma's Committee on Health Care. General Directtor of the "Eye Microsurgery" scientific-technical enterprize. Vice-president of the International Russian club;
Chairman of the board of the All-Russian Scientific Ophtalmology Society;
A member of the board of the Moscow and All-Union Scientific Ophtalmology societies.
President of the International Ophtalmology Society; editor-in-chief of the "Eye Surgery" magazine;
President of the Russian Leaseholders and Entrepreneurs' Union.


1952-1953: doctor in Veshenskaya stanitsa, Rostov region.
1953 - 1955: head of the ophtalmology department at the Lysva hospital, Perm region.
1955: registrar at the eye diseases department of the Rostov-on-Don Medical College. 1957: end of his studies there.
1957: head of the clinical department of the Ghelmgolts Research Institute of Eye Diseases (Cheboksary branch).
1957: joined the CPSU.
1960: performed a unique operation for the artificial lens transplant.
1961-1967: head of the eye diseases department at the Arkhangelsk Medical College.
1967: Re-appointed to Moscow at the decree of the USSR Ministry of Health .Head of the eye deseases department and the artificial lens transplant laboratory at the 3-d Moscow Medical College.
1969: cornea transplant operations.
1973:New approach to glaucoma treatment at an early stage.
1974 : first operations in the country to treat and correct shortsightedness.
1974-1980: director of the Moscow Research Experimental and Clinical Eye Surgery laboratory. 1980: founder and General Director of the Eye Microsurgery Institute .
1986 and on: General Director of the Eye Microsurgery Scientific-Technical Enterprize.
1989-1991: the USSR peoples' deputy and member of the USSR Supreme Council's commission on economic reform.
1991 and on: member of the Supreme Consultative-Coordinative council under the chairman of the Russian Supreme council.
1991:discontinued his CPSU membership and joined the Democratic party of Russia.
October 1991: candidate to the post of Russia's Prime-Minister. Refused to take up the post.
June 1992: co-chairman of the Economic Freedom Party and chairman of the EFP Political Council. September,1992: promoted to the post of the Moscow Mayor by the Economic Freedom Party but refused to run for the post.
1993:. left the Economic Freedom Party.
1993: S.F. ran for the 5-th State Duma on the Russian Democratic Reforms movement's ballot. But the movement didn't get the 5 percent of votes necessary for representation in the State Duma.
According to the daily "Moskovskaya Pravda" , on July,15 1994 made a statement to form a new political party - "National self-government".
September, 1994:a member of the United Social-Democratic movement's organizing committee chaired by Alexander N. Yakovlev.
January, 28 1995:Convened an inaugural Congress of the "National Self-Government Party" where he was elected chairman of the party's Supreme Council.
January 1995: announced his Presidential bid to the June, 16 1996 elections.
December 1995: stood for the State Duma on the National Self-Government Party's federal list . Also represented the 33-d single-mandate region of Cheboksary, Chuvash republic.
The "National Self-Governmnent party" didn't get the 5 per cent of votes necessary for the State Duma representation. However S.F. was elected deputy of the 6-th State Duma of the Russian Federation on the 33-th Cheboksar single-mandate list, the Chuvas h republic.
January 1996: became a member of the State Duma's Committee on Health Care.
January,11 1996: declared his readiness to struggle for the Presidential post.
February,9 1996: the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation registered the initiative group of voters who nominated Fyodorov to the post of the Russian President. On April,19 S.Fyodorov was registered by the Central Electoral Commission as a Presidential candidate at the June,16 elections.


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