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Bryntsalov Vladimir Alekseevich


November,23 1946
Birth-place: Cherckessk, Stavropol region.


1969: Graduated from the Novocherckassk Technical College.

Place of work, post:

President of the Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company "Ferane". Deputy of the State Duma


After graduating from the Novocherckassk Technical College worked as a teacher at the Cherckassk Technical College. Then he worked at a construction site as a worker, as head of the construction department and subsidiary enterprise.
1979: expeled from the CPSU on the ground that he was the owner of a 3-storey building.
1987: founded the " Bee" Agricultural Cooperative in Moscow. Late 80-s: head of the Medicine Producing Association, lately called "Ferane" Joint-Stock Company.
1993: Ran for the 5-th State Duma from the Orekhovo-Zuevo electoral ward, but wasn't elected.
1995: a deputy of the 6-th State Duma from the 111-th Orekhovo-Zuevo electoral ward.
January,22 1996: the Central Electoral Commission registered the initiative group of voters who nominated Bryntsalov to the Presidential post.
March,20 1996: passed 1300.000 signatures over to the Central Electoral Commission. During the check up it was revealed that 477.000 signatures were forged. The Cenral Electoral Commission handed the signature lists over to the General Prosecution off ice. But the Lawers refused to bring a suit against Bryntsalov ,for there was no "corpus delicti".
March,29 1996: The Central Electoral Commission refused to register Bryntsalov as a Presidential candidate.
April,10 1996: The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation obliged the Central Electoral Commission to register Bryntsalov as a Presidential candidate till April,11 1996. Nevertheless the Central Electoral Commission didn't register him as a Presidential candidate.
April,26 1996: The Central Electoral Commission registered Bryntsalov as a Presidential candidate. April, 27 1996: the leader of the Russian Socialist Party. Addressing the RSP Inaugural Congress he told the audience, that only the RSP's program could help people to overcome the crisis. It combines Russian spirituality with the principles of Russian so cialism and protection of private property.


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